Clutter & space

Think of a massive pile of stuff lying on a shelf or even on a floor. Shoes, clothing, magazines, everything. If you were to de-clutter and organize it all, I can guarantee it will take more space than when you started. Shoes need to go inside boxes, clothes on a rack and magazines inside binders. Twenty pairs of shoes need twenty shoeboxes or a medium sized trash bag. Which one takes up more space?

You can either have clutter & space or you can have order & no space, but you can’t have both.

If your goal is to have as much stuff as possible, the most effective way to store it is in a big messy pile. Having a messy pile is not very helpful if you want to find things, have them accessible or keep them in working order, but it doesn’t take much space. If you’ve ever seen one of those hoarder TV-shows, you know what I’m talking about.

The alternative is to store things properly, keep them organized and be mindful of what you really need. Don’t store your valuable stuff in supermarket plastic bags, stacked on top of each other or lying on the floor. Invest a little and buy plastic storage boxes from IKEA.

Storing stuff in piles is sometimes unavoidable, but always ask yourself if it really is.