Pop bottles

I love Champagne (read: cheap sparkling wine).

It’s not that the taste is particularly to my liking, but the event, the occasion, the experience and the story itself is what makes it fun. First you need to find any excuse to open a bottle: promotion, birthday, thirst etc. Then there’s the mathematical problem of counting how many glasses are needed (and how many paper cups after the glasses run out). Of course the biggest part is popping the bottle and destroying something valuable with the cork. With extreme precision, the wine is divided between everyone and a toast is called. The remainder of the ceremony is reserved for discussing what the wine tastes like.

The polar opposite of drinking champagne is drinking milk. There is no ceremony, in fact opening the carton or bottle can be a pain. The container is as functional and recyclable as possible. Milk as as beverage is plain, nutritional and sensible.

Champagne is fine being champagne, but could we make milk a bit more like champagne?