P.S. is a lovely relic

I often use postscript in my emails. From a modern technological standpoint, using postscript doesn’t make much sense. I can easily edit previously written paragraphs. It was invented when writing letters involved parchment, ink an quivers, when re-writing a long letter would have been impractical.

Postscript provides  a wonderful escape, or excuse to end my letter with something that’s not exactly a part of the original message but doesn’t really warrant an entirely new email either: “P.S. Could you send me the new login details?”. Or it might be something totally unrelated: “P.S. Is anyone from your team coming to the orientation on Saturday?”. Also, it’s a great attention getter for one liners that would get lost in the text body: “P.S. IMPORTANT! Make sure you do ABC before enabling XYZ!

P.S. I always forget a cold gets worse before it gets better. My to-do list goes on hold indefinitely and will be replaced by Netflix, chocolate chip cookies and green tea.