Backup or shut up and the 3-2-1 rule

Recently a  photographer friend of mine said he had issues getting photos from his external drive. All of his work from the past 8 years is on that drive. No backups anywhere.

“Backup or shut up”. There really is no excuse in 2017 not to have at least one back up copy of your work. A 1 TB external drive now costs well under 100 euros, a 500 Gig drive even less. If you don’t want to own a physical drive, a Dropbox subscription is 100 euros a year and provides with 1 TB of space. A free Google Drive account offers 15 Gigs of space. The real price of a backup is whatever sum of money you’d be willing to pay right now to have your only hard drive restored if it were to break.

The “3 – 2 – 1” strategy is one step above the bare minimum described above but decreases the risk of losing your files significantly. “3” is the total number of backups. “2” is for two local, separate copies (for example, one laptop HD and one external USB HD). “1” is the offsite backup copy.

Backup your data now if you haven’t already.

Trust me on this one.