What did you learn today?

I’ve now taken up the habit of writing one blog post per day. I think everyone should write something on a regular basis and publish it. Not only does it make you a better writer, but it also helps you to clarify complex issues. Maybe writing a blog post once a day seems a bit daunting and taxing, but I think everyone should at least take a minute out of their day and jot down what they learned that day. Just one lesson. Open a spreadsheet* or a diary and log what you learned that day. Just one sentence. It doesn’t always have to be serious, but try to make an effort.

The great thing about keeping track of things you learned is that when you read them later, you might have a “heureka!” moment and understand something in a completely new way, that you didn’t think of when you wrote the lesson down. Also, after a month, you’ll have 30 topics each of which you could turn into a potential blog post or a video.

*I use free Google Sheets. I have one column for the date, one for a hashtag and one for the actual lesson.