Don’t go to the gym unless you love lifting weights

I go to the gym twice a week. I’d go more often, but right now I’m strapped for time and energy. I’d probably go there almost every day if I had the chance. I don’t go there because I have to, I go there because I want to. I love the simplicity and “minimalism” that is lifting heavy things repeatedly. I love not having to worry about the weather or if my friends have time to accompany me.

Lifting weights is not for everyone but everyone seems to be for lifting weights. The number of gyms has sky rocketed in the past few years and the fitness industry is booming. Several programs run on TV where instructors take chubby couch potatoes and in six months, turn them into less chubby couch potatoes. I don’t have statistics, but I’m fairly certain that a large percentage of people who participate in these “shock” treatments eventually gain back their old habits and weight.

Have to is a sh*tty motivator. It’s a negative emotion, fueled by forced self-discipline *willpower which will eventually run out.  Want to is a state where you find time and energy, no matter what, to do the thing you love doing.

My suggestion? Pick up tennis or rock climbing or jogging or belly dancing or walking or swimming or any activity that you find motivating. Lifting weights is boring and monotonic for most people. Pick up something that you look forward to doing on a weekly basis, not something you have to do.

* Edit (18.04.2017) – Willpower was the word I was looking for when writing this, just didn’t remember it at the time.