Try something before criticizing something

The other day I went to a free stand up night at a pub. I didn’t perform, but I instantly became aware of just how difficult it is to be GOOD at comedy. I don’t see myself ever looking at a comedian’s Netflix special the same way (eg. “Oh I’m kind of funny, how hard can it be?”).

Earlier this year I gathered enough courage to do a few VLOGs for YouTube. I was completely taken a back by just how difficult making even the most basic selfie-videos is. Once I hit record, everything I had prepared inside my head to effortlessly deliver to my viewers turned into spaghetti and I started tripping over my own words. Took me probably around five to six takes to make a short two minute video talking about my day. I’m not even going to get into how challenging the technical aspects are compared to traditional photography. I’ve taken a break from making VLOGs for various reasons, but worry not, I just finished filming another video that I hope to get online tomorrow.

If you see someone do XYZ (videos, blogs, comedy) effortlessly, try to copy them and give it a go. Falling flat on your face and eating sh*t while trying something new is a wonderful, humbling learning experience that I can highly recommend to everyone.