The language dilema

I’m fluent in both English and Finnish, but on social media I have the hardest time deciding which language to use. On one hand, I have tons of English-speaking friends and colleagues but at the same time, I can’t ignore the fact that I’m Finnish and live in Finland. I feel that while most Finns understand (especially in IT) English perfectly well, the effect of using Finnish words, phrases and vocals has much more of an impact one some sub-conscious level.

There’s no way I’m going to start duplicating my content in both languages. Not only do I not have the time and energy to do so, but lots of stuff wouldn’t even translate properly. Running two separate social media profiles is out of the question.

Here’s a CTA for all you bilinguals out there: What’s your social media strategy when it comes to language? Do you just not care, create content both languages and post it on the same account? Do you have separate accounts?