Prioritize ideas, not value

Your website doesn’t look good enough so you won’t launch. Your DSLR doesn’t do 4k so you won’t film. Your X isn’t Y so you won’t do Z.

YouTube is full of corporate promotion videos which cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to produce. They all look great, professional. And almost all of them have hits in the hundreds, not millions.

Why and what you create is much more important than how you create it. I’m not saying production value doesn’t matter, I’m saying it comes with time.

I started a VLOG

I always wanted to start a YouTube channel but never got around doing it. In my usual fashion, I obsessed over minor details and procrastinated a few months. Last week I went “f*ck  it” and just shot a vlog, edited it and uploaded it to YouTube. Here is the result:

I have lots of ideas for videos, now I just need to get around doing them.