Make a choice – don’t browse

How many hours do you spend just browsing something? Clicking from one YouTube video to another, going through podcasts, picking out something on Netflix only to go back to the menu to watch something else. Having choice is great but control over media has turned us into picky, fidgety consumers. I’m absolutely guilty of doing this myself.

Here’s my advice: make a decision and then stick with it. Watch the whole movie from beginning to end even if it isn’t that great five minutes in. For added difficulty, put your phone in the other room so you don’t play with it during the film.

Sticking to a decision will relieve you from the stress of trying to “maximize” the enjoyment by finding the perfect thing to consume. Being mindful over your experience and not playing with your phone constantly relaxes your brain much like meditation does. Yesterday, I watched Blade Runner in its entirety without a single break and felt damn near enlightened.


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Same bat time, same bat channel

I love watching TV. It frees me from the stress of choosing what to watch and when to watch it. Whatever is on, is on right now, there’s no pausing it and there’s no rewinding. Besides flipping through maybe 10 or so different channels, there are no other choices to be made. Online you either curate what you watch or have an algorithm do it for you. With TV, every channel is curated by someone else. Your task is only to choose which does it the best.