A great way to vet people is…

…by finding out if successful people are talking about them. I ran across a video on goal setting by someone I hadn’t heard of, Zig Ziglar. The video I saw was interesting and the content checked out, but I was still suspicious: who is this guy? Is he legit?

Then I got an idea. I typed his name into the search field on Seth Godin’s blog. Lo and behold, there he was. Several blog posts not only mentioning the very same man, but celebrating him and his methods. This guy is for real.

You aren’t special enough to fail

We all have our goals, professional and personal. When you think about your goal, the voice inside your head probably goes “Why should I make it?”

What if you turned the question around “Why shouldn’t you make it?”. What’s so special about you? Why are you so bad that you can’t make it?

There are probably thousands of people achieving a similar goal every single day, what makes you so special that you couldn’t be one of those people?


P.S. Here’s an example of what I mean: Let’s say your goal is to become a professional XYZ. Instead of asking “What makes me special enough to make it in the competitive XYZ world?”, ask “There are thousands of people just like me doing XYZ professionally, so why should I be so special that I’d fail at it?”