Tools at an arms reach

Having the right tools to do your job is important. Equally important is having them as accessible as possible.

If your job is to get fit, and your gym is a 30 minute drive away, are you going to do it? Maybe, but the harder it is for you to get to the gym, the less likely you are to go there. Same thing with learning to play a guitar or picking up a new language. If every time you want to play the guitar you have to go get it from the basement, chances are you’re too “tired” to do it. Instead, hang the guitar on the living room wall so it’s the first thing you see after you plop on the couch.

This applies to everything. Make start doing effortless as possible and you’re much more likely to succeed.


What’s your MUST?

If a goal is a MUST then you will achieve it. We all have daily MUST goals whether we realize it or not: catching the 8:52 bus to work, brushing your teeth in the morning, watching the latest Game Of Thrones episode. MUSTs are goals which you often set even without realizing it. It’s something so important you couldn’t imagine not doing it. More than fifty consecutive daily blog posts later, writing once a day is now a MUST for me. Seven days of healthy eating and it’s beginning to form into a MUST.

What’s your MUST?