I want analytics for analytics

You’ve created a fancy dashboard or a cool report. It tracks the latest and greatest vital information straight from a real-time API source updated every three minutes. You see the data refresh and gladly share it with your organization/client. And then you wait. Crickets.

The analytics and dashboard solutions I have worked with don’t actually tell me if anyone is using them. They do tell me what is going on at whatever I’m monitoring, but services like Google Analytics or Klipfolio don’t show any statistics on how often they have been viewed.

To be honest, this seems sort of a strange problem to begin with, kind of a “the shoemaker’s children go barefoot”-type of a situation. Fingers crossed someone who can make analytics for analytics happen reads this.

PS. This is my first post published with AMP enabled. I hope this makes reading it through social media easier.

PPS. Turns out AMP doesn’t work like I thought it would. I’ll look into this later.

Disclamer: There might or might be a possibility to actually monitor report/dashboard usage in the services I mentioned, but none I could find at the time I was working with them the last time.